Solar Bikini

Filed Under (Front Row) by zach on 13-06-2011

Once you think you have seen everything, some one invents a solar powered bikini that can charge your gadgets. The solar powered bikini is sure to have tech geeks everywhere running from behind their computer screens and heading to the beach. For all you ladies out there who have a hard time balancing working on your tan and keeping up with the latest electronics, an American designer has come up with just the solution for you, and the celebrity babes.

The Solar Bikini was designed by Andrew Schneider of Brooklyn, NY and uses the sun’s rays to power iPods, iPhones and any other gadget with a USB connector. Pretty creative and pretty sexy thing to wear for this upcoming bikini season if I don’t say so myself. The best part is, it can even be worn in the water, as long as you are sure to dry the solar suit off before plugging any electronics back into it. Wouldn’t want to get fried! I wonder if we will see anything like this at the 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Show Swim in Miami?

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