SI Swimsuit Model Jessica Perez Talks About Her Body

Filed Under (Celebrity Sightings) by zach on 31-05-2011

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Jessica Perez makes other women envious of her amazing swimsuit body. The sort of body Jessica Perez has does not come easy however, it takes work and dedication. Perez said that she is “serious about working out, but she does not want a fussy workout, and she’s not into fussy workout gear or gadgets.” The SI swimsuit model likes to keep things simple when it comes to keeping her amazing body in shape.

“Fitness and a healthy diet are part of my job” Perez says, “but wearing a high-fashion wardrobe for yoga, Pilates and running is not. I wear whatever is clean,” she says. “I’m a little bit of an old T-shirt type. I wear plain tank tops and shorts, no makeup, a ponytail.” I think it is pretty cool that she is so down to earth, but yet so gorgeous. Jessica Perez definitely makes it look easy having a body like that, however, Perez tells us otherwise. What do you think of her body?

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