Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio Arrested After Crashing BMW in Miami

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Mexican singer Paulina Rubio was arrested recently in Miami after she crashed her BMW into another car. Paulina Rubio was arrested near Miami’s infamous Little Havana. It was not the crash itself that landed Paulina Rubio in a pair of handcuffs and behind bars, but rather the incident with the police following the crash that landed the singer in hot water. Apparently, when Police arrived at the scene of Rubio’s crash, they asked Rubio to get out of the car, but she refused and started cursing out the cops, and even said, “All of you Miami cops are abusive.”

However, with that said, Paulina Rubio did not stop there, she continued to refuse to get out of her car, and began making a bunch of phone calls in what the police described as a ‘very aggitated’ state. Rubio then said, “What the f–k do you want me to do? I just had an accident and I’m very nervous. That’s why people don’t like you because all you Miami cops are abusive.” Help! Help! I didn’t do anything! Look what they’re doing! Help! Abusers! You bunch of liars! Help!” She also informed police they’d “regret” their actions and said she was calling her attorney.

Paulina Rubio was charged with refusing to obey a lawful command and eventually calmed down and apologized. Rubio was not held in jail however, due to the fact that she had to breast feed her baby. Paulina Rubio was ordered to appear in court on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and refusal to obey a lawful command.

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