Coco Perez, Fashionista Central!

Filed Under (Backstage, Front Row, Openings, Parties) by zach on 13-08-2009

Perez Hilton Gossip King, Queen, Royalty, what have you, has expanded his already huge grasp on the Internet gossip business by making a sister site to his vastly popular, His new site is devoted to exclusively covering what the celebs are wearing. When asked what the fashion magazines should feel about the new kid on the block, Perez responded with, “Absolutely. Anna Wintour watch out! Actually, Anna Wintour’s days are already numbered now, so she should be cowering in fear. I don’t know if she’ll make it past the Fall. Eventually, I will have a larger audience than Vogue.” That’s some pretty big words for Perez, but I have a feeling that he will back them up and then some! We look forward Perez to what you have in store for the fashion world!


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