Betsey Johnson’s Rooftop Presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Was a Major Success

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Emerging onto the rooftop of the Betsy Hotel while throwing handfuls of roses into the air, Betsey Johnson was all smiles as camera flashes illuminated her presence. With in her first few steps out of the doorway, Betsey turned to me and said, “The music needs to be louder, don’t ya think?” I couldn’t help but smile and agree with her; like her clothing line, Betsey’s personality is just as infectious.


Out of all the presentations and runway shows during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Betsey Johnson’s was by far one of my favorites. The atmosphere that Betsey arranged was all too fitting for her presentation. Guests were treated to an open bar that was serving up delicious cocktails, that were paired perfectly with hors d’oeuvres that ranged from grilled chicken to pork sandwich sliders. If that wasn’t enough, the rooftop was rocking with the DJ who was playing awesome music.


Positioned all around the roof were Betsey Johnson’s ‘girls’, rather models, who were showing off the edgy new stylings from Betsey Johnson’s collection. All of the models wore bright-neon colored wigs and sported accessories that ranged from Twizzlers to roses. The new line could be best described as Warhol meets fashion. Models wore different prints and designs that ranged from patterns to silk-screens of Marylin Monroe on tops. All of the pieces were eye catching and lived up to the Betsey Johnson reputation.


Through out the presentation, Betsey danced around the rooftop in between stopping to talk to people, pose for pictures, and talk to her girls. There was no sense of pretentiousness about her, but rather a refreshing down-to-earth vibe that was quite apparent. The sun set over Ocean Drive while Betsey and the girls continued to don new looks and keep the party/presentation atmosphere going into the night. As I left the Betsy Hotel, I couldn’t help but notice, the music had become louder.


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